Working in an online taxi tips for a novice taxi driver

Working in an online taxi is an activity that is only suitable for some drivers. Moreover, this applies even to those motorists who know the traffic rules, understand the technical nuances of the car’s operation, and are experienced drivers. To understand whether it is worth mastering the profession of an online taxi driver, you need to listen to the advice of drivers who know from their own experience the advantages and disadvantages of working as a taxi driver.

The importance of time of day and weather

The earnings of taxi drivers directly depend on the time of day. You can count on profit in the morning (7 to 10) and evening (16 to 19) on weekdays. Other time slots also have their advantages. For example, from 4 to 7 or from 10 to 16, there are few applications. But at the same time, there are few competitors. In addition, this time is ideal for beginners who are just mastering the profession of an online taxi driver.

Weather also affects earnings. The worse the weather, the higher the cab driver’s profit. This is especially true in winter when many drivers prefer to leave their cars in the parking lot and take a taxi.

Car care

Working in a taxi means that the engine will work constantly and intensively. In such a situation, you should carefully monitor the car’s condition. For example, you should not assume that the optimal oil change interval is every 15 thousand km. With such intensive use, changing lubricants more often and undergoing regular inspection is advisable.

Good knowledge of the city

A taxi driver must be more than just a good driver. He must know the city perfectly. Moreover, this knowledge concerns not only roads. For example, a good taxi driver always knows when popular restaurants and nightclubs are open. He is also always aware of concerts, sporting events, and other events that attract many people and increase the demand for
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A taxi driver’s car must always remain clean. Thanks to this, you can count on high ratings from passengers. Accordingly, the higher the taxi driver’s rating, the greater the chance of receiving another order.

Psychologist’s talent

For many drivers, this nuance of working in a taxi is repulsive. The thing is that during the day, the taxi driver meets friendly, talkative, and sometimes emotional passengers with whom he has to establish contact. In such a situation, the driver is forced to show the talent of a psychologist. One passenger needs to be listened to, another needs to be supported, and a third needs to be grumbled about the reigning injustice. In each of these situations, the taxi driver must constantly think through his words to avoid possible misunderstandings and conflict. From a psychological point of view, for many drivers, this situation is extremely difficult.

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Beginner mistakes

In conclusion, the key mistakes of novice taxi drivers are worth mentioning. Firstly, many drivers, in pursuit of profit, need to remember about rest.  It is worth remembering that health is not infinite. In addition, the driver and passengers have a family waiting for them at home. Therefore, you should not neglect safety for the sake of money.

Secondly, you don’t need to sleep on the job. If fatigue still takes over, then you should leave the line and go home to get a good night’s sleep. It should be understood that the surface layer in a not-very comfortable position only contributes to deteriorating well-being. Thirdly, you need to adhere to traffic rules.  In addition, most passengers do not like the aggressive driving of taxi drivers.

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