Why You Should Live A Healthy Lifestyle

It can be difficult to find the motivation for things that are hard, such as getting up early in order to exercise.

Finding the “why” of your life can make it easier to live the best possible life.

It is good to make things easier, since fitness and nutrition are hard work and require discipline, perseverance and dedication. Human nature is against them.

You are more likely to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you have a strong “why”.

Find your motivation for being healthy and make progress with reason.

This article will discuss science’s findings, inspiring stories, examples from the real world, and a 5-step procedure to help you find your reason.

Find your way to live a healthy lifestyle

When it comes to finding out your why, you’re looking to understand your motivational sense.

You may find it intimidating, but I’ll tell you the truth. It doesn’t have to be the “why” that will change your life. You can do this by connecting the things you are doing now to a greater purpose that you believe is right for you.

Finding your purpose and reason for living may seem lofty and impossible, but people who have found their purpose in love, work, home or any other area of life (you name it!) report tangible benefits.

According to Science Purpose.org – the largest collection of research on the topic – purpose is found to be a factor in nearly all aspects of our lives.

It can also improve your relationships, career and health. It can help businesses grow their profit equity and human capital. NielsenIQ found that two thirds of people would be willing to pay more for a product with a higher purpose.

Examine how our website’s mission and purpose and our purpose in life are closely linked.

How Purpose Affects Wellbeing

The University of Pennsylvania summarizes it well when they conclude that the study was conducted to make healthier choices easier.

It can have a variety of health benefits, from improved sleep to mental wellbeing to coping strategies that reduce your stroke risk by 50%.

The study of life-purpose showed that it can increase lifespan by 7 years and reduce the risk for death.

The news is good when it comes to love and relationships. You’ll have a 31% higher chance of falling in love, as well as stronger relationships with friends and partners and more sexual satisfaction.

How can you start to reap these benefits if it’s not accurate?

We’ll give you some examples and five steps to help you discover your “why”.


Finding your purpose is fundamentally personal. Motivation and purpose are important, but they must be strong in order to create motivation. Here are some examples and a story about how we achieved our goal.

Enjoy time with your children by being active

Get off medication with healthy eating

You can do projects in your spare time that will bring the community together

Exercise with your kids and be a role-model for your family

Walking can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions

It is vital that immune-compromised members of the family consume more vegetables and less meats.

Exercise to achieve your goals, like climbing a mountain and running a marathon

To be a bridesmaid in your daughter’s wedding, you must stop smoking cigarettes.

Business ideas to help your community

Couples coaching can help you to maintain your marriage and strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

You should write one paragraph every day to achieve your bucket list goal of writing a book.

Make sure your family is healthy by cooking dinner every night

Do you see a pattern? You can get a sense of importance by looking at things like family, life goals and community. Let’s look at a few examples before we move on to the five steps that will help you determine your purpose.

Jeremy’s Story

I would like to introduce Jeremy Jost. I read about his story in The Big Picture: Eleven Laws that Will Change Your Lifestyle by Tony Horton.

Jeremy, a 370 pound former all-star wrestler, father, coach and athlete, is a huge man. He traveled to a wrestling competition with his coach a few days ago to support his sons.

The head coach told him in the car that he had laid a wreath at a grave of a friend last week. He was 40 years old just like you. You’ll eventually end up where he did if you don’t improve your health.

He had young kids like you, too. You have young children, a young wife… Are you sure the man who comes along can take care of them in the same manner as yours?

The reason for Jeremy’s departure was his family.

The man gained several hundred pounds in the years that followed. He became a better husband and father. He was able to get the job quickly because his purpose aligned with it.


Fitness and healthy eating are two tools that Alex and I use every day to create the best possible life for our daughter and ourselves.

We do our best to exercise five days a week for 20-30 mins at home. We also try to be active every day. This includes walking to the grocery store, biking, and hiking at weekends.

We still need to succeed. The years of repetition have etched it into our brains. It is simple and effective.

Enhances our mood

We are driven to explore new possibilities

Positively impacts those around us.

We can enjoy our experiences more by increasing our physical capabilities

We can create a family that is enlightened.

Our primary goal is to keep our family active and healthy.

The five steps to determining your motivation will help you identify an important reason.

You must then figure out how you can create realistic targets (accordingly to scientific research).

How to find your way

This process helps you identify your purpose through aligning your intrinsic motivations.

The intrinsic motivation of an individual is not dependent on their ego or any other external benefits. It is more of an internal or emotional significance. Think of the phrase “I’d like to look good at the beach”, rather than “I would like to have more energy so I can keep up with my children.”

Create a list of pros and cons

We’ll look at pencil paper as one of the most reliable tools, and we’ll also include a chart with pros and cons.

This chart was taken directly from Tony Horton. The title of the chart is “Living healthy lifestyle.” List all the advantages and disadvantages of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

You must find a quiet place to focus your attention on this task, because you are determined to become healthier.

Label any Excuses

You can then use a pen to cross off any negatives (the negatives are usually the longer side) that you might be able to use as an excuse.

It’s the perfect time to relax and boost your confidence. You are capable of more than you think. Your reasons will not matter when you decide to focus on health ,fitness and nutrition.

Recognize your fears and limitations

Once the excuses are removed, take note of any cons based on fear or the perception of limitations.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t succeed if you haven’t been successful before. We also need to realize that we don’t like the things we’re bad at, and therefore try to avoid them.

This means that I have stopped cooking. Alex, you could have stopped yoga years ago. We persevered, and now both yoga and running are part of our daily routine.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people stop exercising or lifting heavy weights because of a similar cause. The main reason is that they didn’t like it because they weren’t good at it.

If you want to find your purpose, and let it inspire you to do so, then change your attitude. Only repetition will make perfect.

Be Honest about Your Priorities

Next, remove any excuses based on false priorities. You can’t imagine anything more important than health.

Why? Why? If you are not healthy, neither will your family be.

24 hours make up a day. Prioritizing your tasks can make clockwork easier. Download our free Habit Tracker Template to help you get started. Manage your tasks and achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

Motivate Yourself by using the pros

On the positive side of the list, remove any reasons that are not motivating you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Positive reasons are the most important reasons to be a healthy person. Congrats! You’ve found your cause.

These reasons have a reasonable emotional connection. Please tell us why in the comments section so that we can hold you accountable.

You can use your reasons to overcome any negatives. Now that you’ve found your motivation, it is time to focus on it. You can ignore the scales, the mistakes and the comparisons with others.

Strengthen your Why as a Duo

Congratulations. Congratulations. You have followed our five-step process to find your reason and are now (inherently) choosing to live an active, healthy lifestyle. A healthy, balanced lifestyle can be a great benefit to you and your partner. It can also help you find your purpose.

When one person is in good health and the other is not, it can cause anxiety or overwhelm. They may also feel angry. The “healthier” partner might feel that their efforts haven’t been appreciated, or they may feel oppressed if the partner makes unwise decisions.

We are Ryan and Alex duo life; we understand that fitness is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Duo Life is more than just fitness.

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