Why Choose Chicago for Your Trade Show? Find the Perfect Display Rental!

Planning to exhibit at a trade show in Chicago? Choosing the perfect trade show display rental in Chicago is crucial for your business goals at the event. From the style and size to accessories and graphics, the booth is your company’s home base at the show and represents your brand. With some exhibition trade shows in Chicago hosting thousands of attendees, you’ll want your booth to stand out in the crowd.

Here are some key considerations when selecting the ideal exhibition rental booth in Chicago:

Style and Size:

First, decide what style and size of booth best fits your needs. Straight wall rental booths are classic and versatile, while island booths allow for walk-around traffic flow. Make sure to reserve a large enough footprint so attendees can comfortably interact with your booth staff and materials.

Review the trade show floor plan to get a sense of popular booth sizes in your product category. An oversized or undersized booth can distract from your branding.

Accessories and Furnishings:

Next, to showcase your products and engage visitors evaluate what furniture, casework, lighting, counters, and other accessories are required. Rental booths should include counter surfaces, stools, and display shelves.

However, you may need custom modular displays, literature pockets, plasma screens, or other specialized fixtures depending on your offerings. Full-service rental trade show display companies in Chicago can design fully customizable accessory packages.

Graphics and Signage:

No matter the booth style, eye-catching graphics and signage are essential. Large format prints that wrap entire booth components or span multiple panels are ideal for branding impact.

Poster frames, menu boards, and banners placed strategically around the space also help direct traffic flow and educate attendees. Don’t forget digital signage and screens if live demos or video content are part of your exhibit strategy.

Work with graphic designers early on to develop cohesive messaging across all signage.

Utilities and Internet:

Ensure power, lighting, tables, chairs, and internet access are included in your Chicago trade show booth rental packages from your supplier. Today’s trade show attendees expect Wi-Fi connectivity in exhibitor spaces.

Dedicated high-speed internet lines and customized network names can provide seamless virtual interactions. Plus, electricity is critical to run equipment like product simulators or 4K televisions. Inquire about electric load capacities if you have high power needs.

Locating and Positioning:

Carefully review the event floorplan to choose a booth in a high-traffic area easily visible from the main aisle ways. Corner or endcap locations with multiple exposure points tend to outperform inline spaces with attendees flowing past just one side.

Be strategic – ask if competitors will be nearby and consider specialty booth upgrades at the event entrances or common meeting areas. Proximity to restrooms or concessions can also increase walk-by traffic.

Green Options:

Increasingly, trade show organizers and attendees prefer environmentally friendly exhibitors. Rental companies offer “green” exhibition booth design in Chicago utilizing sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled fabrics, and LED lighting with low energy consumption.

Reusable graphics avoid single-use vinyl banners. Consider compostable or biodegradable giveaways instead of plastic items. Demonstrating green initiatives through your booth raises your credibility as a responsible brand.

Installation and Dismantling:

Full-service rental providers handle complete booth setup and breakdown, sparing exhibitors from heavy lifting during these hectic times. Know that install and dismantle schedules vary by event, more multi-day shows allow Saturday overnight breaks versus quick turnarounds for one-day conferences. As needs arise, request labor crews for additional moves or adjustments during open show hours. Proper on-site storage prevents lost or damaged components.

Budget-Friendly Options:

While an elaborate space grabs attention, consider starting simpler to maximize ROI. Rental booths can be value-engineered in modular, scalable configurations adding components annually as budgets allow.

Bare minimum options expose your brand affordably while still professionally displaying collateral. Work within size constraints of bundled event packages including furnishings. Large format graphics make a minimal space pop.

Overall, choose functionality over the flash to engage qualitatively with attendees.

In summary:

Selecting the right trade show exhibit builders in Chicago demands forethought into the design, size, amenities, and location relative to your marketing goals. Consult experienced rental suppliers on options customized for your specific industry and audience.

A strategic, properly equipped booth facilitates quality interactions with potential customers and sets the stage for follow-up conversations convertible to sales. Plan early and work within budgets to present your brand effectively to thousands of attendees in Chicago’s vibrant trade show market.

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