What are the Best CBSE Schools in Asansol?

Situated in West Bengal, Asansol is one of the best places that offers quality education through CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliated schools. The wide range of CBSE schools in Asansol shows the dynamic educational landscape. The CBSE schools here provide comprehensive development of students through a holistic educational approach. Parents can also leave the worry behind of finding the best CBSE schools in Asansol, as this article will focus exclusively on the same. Here, you will get names of the top CBSE-affiliated schools in Asansol, along with their mission, features, and contribution to shaping young minds for the future. 

1. St. Joseph’s Convent High School

St. Joseph’s Convent High School is located in Chittaranjan, Asansol. This CBSE-affiliated co-ed school provides primary to higher secondary education from classes I to XII. The Catholic Diocese of Asansol manages this English-medium convent school. This school’s students are provided unparalleled facilities for cultural activities, theatricals, and sports. St. Joseph’s Convent High School takes pride in offering excellent faculty who are committed to delivering quality education to the students. As far as grades are concerned, students from this school provide excellent CBSE results, making it one of the best schools in India. 

2. Srihari Global School

Established in 2014, Srihari Global School is a co-educational CBSE-affiliated school that focuses on nurturing the mind, soul and body of individuals through sought-after academics and creative skills. The school aims to offer opportunities for captaincy and shape its students into confident people who can take up any challenges of the world and act accordingly. Srihari Global School follows a CBSE curriculum and offers classes to primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary students. The school also hosts various student-centric events that help them get an in-depth understanding of the world. 

3. India International School

India International School, located in Asansol, was established in 2003. It is a CBSE co-educational school that maintains a dynamic curriculum from kindergarten to XII standard. The student-teacher ratio that India International School follows is 30:1. It is considered one of the best schools in the city to provide quality education. The main objective of India International School is to offer an all-round education that would benefit in shaping students into good human beings in the future. Along with academic learning, the school strives to provide numerous activities to boost their overall development. 

4. DAV Public School

DAV Public School has several branches in West Bengal and other parts of India, including Asansol. Situated in Kanyapur, the school is renowned for its manners and teaching methods. The school was established in 1999 and has constantly thrived as one of the best schools in the city ever since. This is a CBSE-affiliated co-ed school managed by the School Managing Committee of DAV College Trust and Managing Society in New Delhi. The school has a sprawling 3 acres of land that sets a high standard for a peaceful environment for the spiritual, aesthetic, physical and all-round intellectual development of individuals. DAV Public School believes in Arya Samaj’s principles and provides a congenial atmosphere to nurture students. 

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5. Asansol Kendriya Vidyalaya

Nestled in Domohani Railway Colony, Asansol Kendriya Vidyalaya is a CBSE-affiliated co-educational school set up in 1987. Under the Ministry of Education, Kendriya Vidyalaya is one of the schools under Central Government schools. This educational centre provides CBSE curriculum-based lessons from classes I to XII. Asansol Kendriya Vidyalaya facilitates a huge building with spacious classrooms, well-equipped computer labs, a well-stocked library, and a big playground with boundaries from all sides, ensuring the safety of students. Besides providing bookish knowledge, the school has taken initiatives like youth parliament, sports and students council to broaden their intellectual, physical and emotional quotient. 

6. Asansol North Point School

Asansol North Point School is located in the Jamuria region of Asansol. It was set up in 2000. Managed by the Parvati Education Society, the school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education and provides classes from nursery level to senior secondary levels. The school has more than two decades of experience providing quality education to students. The amazing faculty of this school help students to achieve academic excellence. Over the years, the school gained a good reputation and ranked on the list of the top schools in West Bengal. Furthermore, Asansol North Point School offers facilities like digital education, labs, art classrooms, etc. 

7. St. Christopher’s Mission School

Situated in Asansol, St. Christopher’s Mission High School is an English medium CBSE-affiliated school that is regarded as one of the top schools in India. This is a co-educational school managed by the Sodepur Saint Christopher Education Society. Established in 1991, the school takes inspiration and follows the words of former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Following the diverse CBSE curriculum, St. Christopher’s Mission School offers students exceptional education to promote physical, social, moral, intellectual and spiritual growth for students.

8. Chanda South End Model School

Chanda South End Model School of Asansol is one of the most recommended schools in the region. It is an English medium school affiliated with the CBSE to provide profound education to students up to senior secondary level. The school’s aim is to develop ethical, moral, aesthetic and social values through a meaningful learning method. Chanda South End Model School offers diverse opportunities to students to prepare themselves for becoming global citizens and contributing to the betterment of mankind. Other than stressing the academic improvement of students, the school also ensures they participate in different extracurriculars. 

9. Narayana School

Following an integrated CBSE curriculum, Narayana School of Asansol offers an all-round learning experience to students. This co-educational school provides top learning methodologies so that students can prepare themselves to reach their full potential in their individual time. These methods build a solid foundation where students can become future-ready with accurate mentoring, syllabi and preparation. Narayana School further provides concepts like sports and online test series for curriculum-based activities. 

10. Eastern Railway High School

Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, Eastern Railway High School is under the Ministry of Govt. of India. The school was set up in 1984, offering classes from VI to X. Though primarily reserved seats for children whose parents work at the railways, the school also imparts education to non-railway candidates. Eastern Railway High School is a co-ed English medium school that nurtures gender equality. 


Asansol has become an educational hub for top-notch CBSE schools. If you plan to admit your kids to the best school in Asansol, consider sending them to any of the schools mentioned above. You can also look up Skoodos for finding more schools as per your current location. It is a school search engine with a well-thought interface to enable parents to find the appropriate school that suits their child’s abilities. 

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