Universal Tips to Fix Netgear WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

Every LED light that is located on a Netgear range extender has a meaning. To name a few, the flashing of the green light means that everything is fine with your device, the blinking of the amber light means that your device is prone to connectivity issues, but the flashing of the red light means that you have not done setup via mywifiext.net properly.

There could be other factors as well that might have forced you to experience the issue that you are facing at the moment. In order to find out what they are and how to eliminate the issue, it is recommended that you walk through the tips highlighted in this article. We sure can say that one of them will be able to help you convert the status of the LED light.

[Fixed] Netgear WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

Reason: Damaged Electrical Socket

Let us start by making you familiar with the primary reason why you are reading this article, i.e. an inadequate and interrupted power supply. Your networking device might be receiving an improper power supply because the wall socket is damaged.

Solution: Use Any Other Wall Outlet

To troubleshoot the Netgear WiFi extender red light issue, it is recommended that you call an electrician and ensure that he repairs the wall socket in your house. In case, this does not bear fruit for you, then you may plug the device into another wall outlet.

Reason: Weak Ethernet Connection

Another reason why you have got your knickers in a twist is because the connection that is between the range extender and router is not stable. This might be because the Ethernet cable in use is not damage-free. It has cuts or is worn out.

Solution: Purchase Brand New Cable

The second attempt you can make to resolve the Netgear WiFi extender red light issue is to purchase a new Ethernet cable for the establishment of the connection between the networking devices. Ensure that it is not loose.

Reason: Outdated Internet Browser

Check whether the internet browser, i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and much more is running on its updated version or not. In case, it is not, you just found yet another reason why you are here.

Solution: Update Internet Browser

To change this, take our advice and update your internet browser. Once you are done doing so, go to its settings option and clean it. You can do the honors by making it free from three things, i.e. cache, cookies, and browsing history.

Reason: Outdated Extender Firmware

Do you remember the last time when you did not ignore a firmware update for the device? No? Well, it is because it has become a habit for you that you tend to skip important things. Given this, you ought to read the solution explained in the next section.

Solution: Upgrade Extender Firmware

Firmware updates are quite important for the performance of your device. If not updated on them, instead of upgrading the performance, they can degrade it. To avoid this from troubling you any further, perform a Netgear extender firmware update.

Reason: Technical Glitches Existence

The last reason why you are a victim of the Netgear extender red light issue is because of glitches. Worry not. You do not have to think that you did something which invited them to the table. They are known to come uninvited.

Solution: Reset Netgear WiFi Extender

To fix the red light issue once and for all, you need to reset your device. Are you not sure how to reset Netgear extender? Well, in that case, you should read the troubleshooting tips mentioned in the user manual of your device.


These were the troubleshooting tips through which the Netgear WiFi extender red light can be resolved. By any chance, if you are still not able to make peace with it, then do not shy away from rebooting or restarting your networking device. To do so, turn off the extender, hold on your horses, and then turn on the extender.

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