How to Fix Zoom Error code 10004 in Minutes?

After the COVID-19 lockdown, video conferencing applications have gained a lot of popularity as the world has a very awesome alternative to offline meetings and when we think about video conferencing applications, the first application that comes to our mind is Zoom. Zoom is a very popular video conferencing application that people used during the pandemic and this saw a huge boost in the usage of the application. 

However, the popularity of the application does not correspond to the fact that there are no issues in the application. There are many Zoom users who have encountered the issue of Zoom install error code 10004 while using the application and if you are also wondering about this issue then, here in the blog, we are going to tell you everything about the same. 

What is the meaning of Zoom Error Code 10004?

Before we discuss the methods that you can use to resolve the error, it is important to know about the error code and what it signifies. The error code is a very common issue that many people face on their devices, particularly computers when they try to open the application instantly after downloading it. 

If you have downloaded the application on your computer and opened it the first time after the same then, you may face error code 10004 zoom as this error usually arises because of Zoom updates. There are some very simple methods that you can use when you try to fix this error on your own to ensure that you can use the application without issues. 

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Zoom Error Code 10004

The main reason behind the issue is the server issues or issues with the application update and this is why you can simply use the directions that we are giving here to resolve error 10004 on Zoom. 

Solution 1 – Manually Update Zoom 

It is possible that your application has not been automatically updated and if you cannot launch the application then, we suggest that you manually update your Zoom application to ensure that you do not face this issue. You will get the update option on the top-right of the screen in the profile section to use the application without any problems. 

Solution 2 – Allow Zoom to Pass Through Windows Firewall 

The firewall or the anti-virus program on your device can also be the reason behind error 10004 zoom and this is why you need to allow Zoom to pass through the firewall present on your device. 

You need to long-press ‘Windows+R’ to launch ‘Run’ and once you have opened this, you need to type ‘Firewall.cpl’. This will open the firewall where you need to change the settings to allow an application or feature to pass through the defender. Also, ensure that Zoom has passed through the firewall and this will allow you to use the application for video conferencing. is a trusted website where you will get to know more methods that will help you resolve the error code on your device.


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