Enhance Your Store Security With Shopify OTP on Mail App

In the realm of e-commerce, trust isn’t just a virtue—it’s a necessity. As the world of online shopping continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, ensuring the authenticity and security of user interactions is more crucial than ever. Fortunately for Shopify store owners, the Shopify OTP on mail feature by Extendons is a great breakthrough

Extendons OTP Login with Phone

Extendons OTP login app adds an additional security layer to your Shopify store by enabling OTP verification on your store using different authentication methods. We understand how important it is to keep the user journey hassle-free while taking security measures. 


Extendons OTP login with the phone has the feature to authenticate the user via a registered phone number or send OTP by mail to the user. With a one-click installation and compatible with free and paid themes. Extendons OPT Login OTP on mail feature sends a one time password to the user’s email to verify the user’s access.  Let’s explore this amazing app. Here are the salient features of this great app that will add value to your Shopify store.

 Shopify OTP on Mail

The One-Time Password (OTP) system is akin to a digital guardian. It serves as a dynamic key, valid only for a short duration, ensuring that even if malicious entities have your password, they can’t access your account. The OTP on mail functionality sends this password directly to the user’s email.

But why is this feature so pivotal? Email, being a primary form of communication, is something every user frequently checks. By sending an OTP to a registered email, Shopify ensures that only the genuine account holder can take specific actions, like making a purchase or changing account details. This immediate layer of security not only protects the user but also gives merchants peace of mind against potential fraudulent activities.

 Shopify Login with Phone Number

The world is mobile-first now. Recognizing this shift, Shopify has incorporated the functionality to log in using a phone number. Shopify Login with Phone Number feature resonates especially with the younger, mobile-savvy demographic that prefers swift access. Instead of remembering another email ID, users can simply input their phone numbers, get an OTP, and voila—secure access is granted.

 Shopify OTP Login

The conventional username-password combo is no longer the gold standard for security. The OTP login system in Shopify adds an extra layer. Imagine a vault with two doors, where even if you breach the first, there’s another locked gate guarding the treasures inside. The OTP acts as this second gate, and given its dynamic nature, it’s a formidable one at that.

 OTP Verification Shopify

Beyond mere logins, the breadth of OTP’s utility in Shopify extends to various functions. Want to change your shipping address? OTP verification. Looking to modify payment details? OTP verification. It’s a dynamic safeguard ensuring that even if someone somehow breaches the initial login, they can’t make unauthorized changes without the unique code being sent to the registered contact point, be it email or phone.

 Shopify OTP Verification

Diving a bit deeper, Shopify’s OTP system isn’t just a static, one-dimensional tool. It uses complex algorithms to generate unique codes each time a user attempts an action. This unpredictability is what makes it a robust shield against potential malicious activities.

 Log in with My Phone Number Shopify

Emphasizing its significance further, the ‘Log in with my phone number’ feature aligns with modern trends. In an age of instant messaging and real-time notifications, phone numbers are more than just contact points—they’re identity markers. Shopify’s seamless integration ensures that users can use their numbers as unique identifiers, fostering a sense of personalized interaction with the platform.

 Shopify Login with Email App

The digital world is vast, and email remains its cornerstone. Recognizing the importance of this traditional mode of communication, Shopify ensures that email logins are as seamless as possible. The platform supports integrations with various email apps, allowing users to stay logged in, receive real-time notifications, and engage with the platform without constant back-and-forth.

 Shopify Login with Phone Number

To reiterate its significance, let’s delve deeper into the ‘Login with Phone Number’ feature. Imagine being at a checkout page, ready to finalize a purchase, but you’ve forgotten your password. Instead of the cumbersome process of resetting it, simply receiving an OTP on your phone and completing the transaction ensures that the purchase momentum isn’t lost. It’s not just about security; it’s about user experience. By offering both email and phone number logins, Shopify ensures it caters to the full spectrum of user preferences.

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Shopify, with its diverse range of login and verification features, stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to security and user experience. These functionalities are not mere add-ons; they’re integral to building trust, fostering loyalty, and ensuring that both merchants and customers can engage in e-commerce with confidence. The future of online shopping is here, and with tools like these, it’s not just bright—it’s secure.


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