DTG printing – what is it and how does it work?

Are you interested in DTG printing – what is it and how can you use it ? Clothing with prints has become an important element of building a company’s image, but it is also an interesting gift idea for a loved one. Wondering what the benefits of direct printing are? Or maybe how to prepare its design so that it can be reproduced as best as possible? We are best in providing the service of dtg printing in Dallas. In this article, we will introduce you to this interesting marking method and tell you when it is worth using it.

DTG printing – what exactly does it mean?

Prints on clothing are not a new trend. It is a way to express personal preferences, but also an extremely effective method of promoting the company and its products or services. Techniques of decorating and marking clothes are equally eagerly used by private individuals, companies and organizations. Currently available methods of applying decorative elements to products differ in the technology used, durability and application, as well as implementation time . Therefore, it is worth taking a moment to choose a printing method that will be suitable for our intentions and the gadgets we plan to print.

DTG printing, i.e. Direct To Garment , is one of the most modern direct printing methods . This means that in order to transfer the design to clothing or other products, there is no need to develop plates, matrices or screens. This significantly reduces the price of such a service. Otherwise known as digital printing , it shortens the waiting time for a ready batch of products. It allows you to achieve spectacular effects with maximum personalization of the print.

How does a DTG printer work?

DTG technology uses a plotter and an industrial printer . We place the clothes we want to print on a special pad, which passes through the printer and allows us to conveniently apply the image to the fabric. You can print on many types of textiles of various sizes, but the best results are obtained on natural knitted fabrics. Cotton T-shirts or shopping bags will look spectacular! The heat in a special press allows the print to be fixed on the fabric , and the paints used penetrate deep into it, which affects the intensity of the colors and the durability of the finished print. Clothing decorated in this way can be washed in a washing machine, without fear that the paints will wash out or the print will crack. Prepare a design in a graphics program (for example, a photo) and obtain a series of promotional clothing for your company or gifts for your friends.

Advantages and disadvantages of DTG printing

DTG printing , apart from reducing the production costs of batches of marked clothing and reducing the costs of the entire process, also has a number of other advantages. First of all, digital printing is much more durable . It does not crack or crumble even when worn frequently, and it does not wrinkle or shrink when exposed to hot or cold water. It is also important that it allows air to pass through, so the skin can breathe freely . Additionally, DTG digital printing allows for:

  • very precise print, e.g. of a photograph, the smallest details will be visible,
  • use of a wide range of colors without restrictions,
  • perfect color reproduction , we can use any colors and gradients, combine different tones or print in full color, and the number of printing ink colors used does not affect the final price,
  • large printing area on T-shirts or cotton bags,
  • personalization , in the case of digital printing, you can freely change the elements of the inscription or graphics even between subsequent prints,
  • washing clothes multiple times, as the paint soaks into the fabric and is more difficult to remove.

Some disadvantages include the need to iron the garment inside out , which minimizes damage to the print. It should also be noted that such a print looks best on natural fabrics. An admixture of polyester exceeding 20% ​​may affect the final appearance of the design. It is best to place the graphic itself on the front or back of a cotton sweatshirt, T-shirt or bag. For smaller batches of material, the price of such a print is extremely attractive, but for larger batches, other solutions may turn out to be slightly more economical. So a lot depends on the size of the order.

When to choose DTG printing?

This is a relatively new technology, but it has already gained many supporters. DTG printing is perfect for creating a single personalized order , several pieces of clothing or medium quantities (100-200 pieces). If you want identical-looking products and large quantities of one series without differences in colors or shifts in graphics, screen printing may be a better solution .


DTG printing is characterized by no restrictions in colors, durability of the print and quick results. And at the same time, comfort of wearing and the selection of environmentally friendly products (natural fabrics and safe paints). The advantage of DTG printing is its universality and transfer of a digital image directly to clothing without the need to produce additional elements, which positively affects its price.

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