BUSINESSWhat Are the Key Benefits of Using Double Decker Exhibition Stands?

With every passing year, the exhibition industry is getting more competitive, so to make your brand noticeable, you need something Extra. Double decker exhibition stands are now in demand because these booths are easily visible from any point of the show floor, and thus captivate the crowd. When you were already paying to buy eye eye-catching booth then why not elevate your brand presence by exhibiting with an engaging two-story booth to grab more attention?

Thinking about double-decker booths?

If you are thinking of double-decker exhibits then read this blog to make the right choice for the business.

One of the key benefits of double-deck booths is they create brand awareness for almost every visitor who is on the show floor. It also gives you more space to showcase the large product range clearly and concisely. If you have too many competitors on the show floor then a single-deck stand will not work as a double story does.

Benefits of the double-decker exhibition stand:


These booths create a strong sense of drama and impact on the show floor as the booths are visible from a long distance. Hence visitors notice it and come up to see what’s on the second floor. This will make your booth more inviting than any other stand.


A double-decker stand gives more space for product displays and thus helps in creating more branding awareness. Exhibitors can have interactive conversations in the meantime showing their products in the same amount of space.


By exhibiting at double decker stand, you have enough space for private meeting rooms, product demos, interactive experiences, and social gatherings in one place. Doing all these activities all at once will give you an edge over the other competitors.


Double Decker exhibits are visible from a long distance and this makes the prominence and visibility of the brand on the show floor. These booths drive more traffic to your booth compared to single-floor stands. If the booth is designed by a professional exhibition stand builder like Triumfo International GmbH then it is sure that the crowd will flock to the booth.


No matter if you are a start-up or a regular exhibitor, if you exhibit with a double deck/ two-story booth then it will enhance your brand value manifolds. These exhibits portray your company’s image as a knowledgeable industry leader.

Ask any businessman and they will tell you about the role brand image plays. Every business including the industry giants tries to make a reputed image in the market by creating customer experiences.

So, exhibiting with double-decker exhibits helps you to make a reputed brand image that will help you retain your customers and bring sales and profits to your stall. After seeing your booth, attendees will feel that this is a big and trustworthy brand.


When you have two levels of trade booths, you have better chances to use many creative ideas and captivating graphics to highlight bonus points about the brand.

These stands offer flexibility in using imaginative and interactive design concepts which can help in leaving a lasting impression on visitors. You can also keep some space for distinct zones like for meeting rooms, product categories, lounge areas, and other interactive activities. All this flexibility and creativity not only captivate the attendees but also communicate the brand messaging and values to the potential buyers.


Every exhibitor wants to create immersive and memorable experiences for their audience and this is what sets them apart from the rest of the exhibitors. A double-decker stand will help you to do that. The multi-level design develops curiosity in attendees and makes them engage with different activities going on different levels, making the visit more collaborative and entertaining.


In a sea of exhibition booths, it’s not easy to make your presence felt. A double-decker booth inherently makes your brand stand out and makes it easy for attendees to locate and recall your presence. To make a great difference and amplify your brand’s exposure, you should exhibit with a double-decker stand.


Finally, after reading the complete blog, you must have the clarity that double-decker exhibition stands could be the best fit for your business. However, to get an engaging double-decker stand design, you need to hire an experienced exhibition stand builder.

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