Best Special Foods To Try In Madrid

To enjoy all the wonderful tastes from Spain in one location, you should also know the best special foods to try in Madrid . Look no further than its capital city, Madrid. From 1561 onward, Madrid pushed the limits of culinary art and influenced Arabian and Italian food cultures, making a blend of tastes distinctive to Madrid.

This article reviews some of the top foods on the GoWithGuide excursion. From salty and sweet street food to Michelin star stews made of meat and all the rest – making a Madrid personal tour with a local guide can ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment of your stay in Madrid.

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If you’ve ever thought of eating all of the foods on this list in one, go, and you’re awed by Tapas, Spain’s all-you-can-eat showcase of local delights. In bite-sized portions, tapas is a common food item in many Madrid establishments and bars. The standard tapas platter includes an array of olives, Jamon fries, and croquetas, as well as grilled beef croquetas and toasted baguettes, to mention a few.

Tapas bars are all over the place in Madrid and especially in the bustling, lively areas such as those in the Gran Via or the Barrio de Las Letras So, you’ll never be short of exciting places to explore. To get an insider’s view of the most well-known tapas bars in Madrid, talk to the local expert about the possibility of a Madrid Tapas Tour.

Caracoles A La Madrileña 

Another popular Madrilenian tapas dish is slow-cooked escargots served with sauce, chorizo, or other Iberian sausages. They are not fancy food items similar to French escargots; they’re typically served at traditional pubs or bars and eaten with toothpicks.

Every restaurant has a different recipe that they’re all keeping secret about the recipe. However, two points unify them: The food is savory, and you can’t avoid dipping your bread into the sauce.


Empanadas are also known as street food; however, these items are not unusual in Spanish table settings. There’s no family reunion or meal for the holiday season without empanadas. They are often featured on menus for starters, and occasionally you can cut them into smaller pieces and serve as a sampler.

Spanish empanadas are based on the Galician recipe from northern Spain and include meat or fish as fillers. Argentinian empanadas are well-known in Madrid and easy to take in in the rush.


A friend once told me the perfect meal should be served as a Spanish croqueta (sometimes called croquette). They’re so delicious. Croquetas are a fried mixture of bechamel and various fillings. Croquetas with ham are among the most popular tapas. However, they can contain blue cheese, fish, and even leftover cocido.

Many bars serve croquetas; however, not all get the right flavor, which is crispy on the outside and soft on the interior. The best part is that you can try croquetas at nearly every restaurant or bar and create your list of the best.

Huevos Estrellados

Who doesn’t enjoy fry-fried eggs and fries? Here’s why huevos estrellados are so popular. The eggs are arranged on potato wedges and then served with Spanish Ham. Restaurants may add a fancy twist, such as truffle grated. The technique is to cook the eggs until their edges are crisp. This method is so vital that an official term to describe the edges is puntillas.

To prepare the dish, you need to chop and mix all ingredients so that the potatoes can absorb the yolks. Little green peppers called pimientos de padron are the usual side for huevos estrellados. If you’re a fan, you’ll find another delicious food item in Madrid to include on your list because they’re delicious as tapas themselves.


Beware of bar restaurants that serve tapas in tourist regions. They typically serve frozen paella and aren’t worth the money. Instead, go to a Valencian cafe or acroteria. Remember, the paella recipe originally used in Spain contains rabbit or chicken. If you’re looking for something fishier, Try my favorite recipes, Arroz négro (rice with Squid ink) and Arroz del secret (rice filled with seafood).

Spanish Tortilla

When discussing the tortilla, be careful. Everybody in Spain has an opinion on the tortilla. This tortilla has become so well-known that you can find it everywhere, and everyone will be unhappy about it. In reality, the perfect tortilla is just like heaven.

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Churros Con Chocolate

The mountaineer’s breakfast. Churros and chocolate have become a global phenomenon. The spherical, deep-fried dough topped in sugar and cinnamon and dipped in the thickest hot chocolate is perfect for your day. The chocolate and dough don’t overpower. Also, spoon-thick hot chocolate is a pleasure.

Various locations in Madrid offer this delicious snack, and you can enjoy a delicious fix in the morning, afternoon, or at 5 am following a night out. Even though it’s often packed at times, this chocolate-ria San Gines Cafe is well worth trying because of its famous taste, rich history, and 19th-century-style scenery.

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