All About Kids’ All-Time Favourite Cocomelon Characters

Cocomelon is one of the most famous YouTube channels. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that kids’ all-time favourite show. It was created in 2018, and from that day it is touching the heights of the sky. 

It shows every possible video that could teach and entertain the kids. From nursery rhymes to unique style teaching videos, it shows each of them in a different style that other channels tend to copy. Cocomelon got huge fame in a limited amount of time due to the music it uses in each video.

Hardly any kid left a cocomelon, in fact, parents also allow their kids to easily watch cocomelon. Let’s have a look at the cocomelon characters’ names that kids adore the most.

Kids’ Most Favourite Cocomelon Characters Names

Although hardly any character in Cocomelon left the kids’ love, some got a huge appreciation. Here we have created a list of those lovable cocomelon character names and why kids love to see them:

1. Bingo

this cute, little, and smart pub is shown curious every time and that’s why kids love this pet the most on cocomelon. He shares a strong bond that is impossible to break.

2. JJ

JJ seems the main character of Cocomelon as the channel hires him in most of the nursery rhymes and learning shows. His big smile with curiosity and helping mind attract more kids than any other Coco Melon characters.

3. Yoyo

yoyo is a female character on Cocomelon and JJ’s sister. She is a loving kid of the family who always tends to play with her colourful and cute little toys.

4. TomTom

he is a responsible elder sibling of Yoyo and JJ. He always protects his siblings and accompanies them in all of their adventurous research.

5. Cece

Cece is one of the most adorable and loving animated characters on Cocomelon. Her two rabbit front teeth enhance her cuteness. She is a helping hand on the cocomelon channel. 

6. Boba

Boba is a cute and adorable baby bear who always loves to dance and sing. Kids show high interest in this joyful animated character of Coco Melon.

7. Ms. Appleberry

if every kid could get a teacher like Ms. Appleberry, then studying would be more fun. She usually sings along with the kids and always finds interesting ideas to teach her children in a unique way that will be easy to learn. Her patience in handling naughty kids makes her the favourite character of cocomelon.

8. Mom

Mom in the cocomelon has shown that she never feels ashamed in involving herself with kids’ fun activities. She does what her kids want and also teaches important things to her kids from time to time.

9. Dad

for the cocomelon dad, nothing comes before his family, and is always ready to spend quality time with the kids.

10. Grandpa & Grandma

even in their old age, they never refuse to entertain their kids. They dance and are involved in their grandchildren’s fun activities.

Final Words

Cocomelon is a family and your kids also have become a part of this family. They learn the alphabet, colors, names, and much more with fun.

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