PCs powered by Intel vPro are specially designed for modern businesses. It has forward-looking functions to help you confidently maintain security and empower your team. It also allows you to connect and collaborate more seamlessly.

Intel vPro platform moves business forward by helping you pivot and scale with great speed and functionality. You get out-of-the-box functions and support for multiple operating systems and platforms.

  • What is Intel vPro?

The Intel core i5 vPro family of processors is designed to fulfill modern businesses’ dynamic needs. These processors are an ideal option for running Windows 10 Enterprise Software.

A hardware and firmware platform,vPro technology is found on various devices. Regarding notebooks, vPro is found in thin-and-light business laptops and 2 in 1 mobile workstations.

It also gets found in its wireless connectivity chips.

The latest Intel vPro processors are the 8th Gen Intel Core series launched in 2019 by the company. This processor promises up to 65 percent better performance than systems from three years ago and up to 11 hours of battery life. 

The processor’s CPU is equipped with Intel’s new Optane Memory H10. This is specially designed to help you launch documents during big file transfers.

These processors also support Intel WiFi 6 connectivity to allow faster internet connections. vPro needs a Trusted Platform Module(TPM) cryptoprocessor chip and wired or wireless internet connectivity.

  • How does Intel vPro Work?

The IT departments of organizations manage vPro devices using pre-existing console software, so the technology never goes through a learning curve. The Most used console client is Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which is 90% used by IT departments.

The remaining 10% receive support, too, as Intel also creates software tools for other consoles.

  • What are the applications of Intel vPro?

Primarily, vPro is used to remotely manage, diagnose, and update a PC without being there. vPro comes in handy when the user needs immediate care.

The Intel core i5 vPro processor offers a range of tools and technologies that can speed up your business growth. Organizations always keep adapting to the ever-changing business world. You can set up a standard for business security, performance, and remote manageability in your organization.

With the help of the 11th Gen Intel core processor, powered by the world’s best business processor, you can achieve the highest performance and most comprehensive security-based functionalities.

IT departments can quickly sign in to vPro systems to manage software installations on clients in a company’s fleet. This means updating the whole operating system, BIOS, or third-party software.

vPro allows an organization to ensure that everyone uses identical versions of applications and that all devices are current.

If a vPro system includes an Intel Pro SSD hard drive, IT departments gain a competitive edge to perform a remote-secure erase.

  • How secure is vPro?

The Intel vPro processors are designed to offer enhanced performance, security, manageability, and stability. This technology can protect hardware, firmware, operating systems, and applications.

According to Intel, the vPro delivered with 12th Gen processors protects against firmware-level attacks and is designed to reduce the attack surface further. This is due to the hardware shield.

Thanks to Control Flow Enforcement Technology (CET), which is introduced with 11th Gen Core mobile processors to prevent malicious code injections into applications executing in memory. This is now also available for desktop processors.

Threat Detection Technology is specially designed to offer hardware-based ransomware detection capabilities. This new detection technology uses artificial intelligence methodologies to target living-off-the-land and supply chain attacks.

What else does it offer?

  • Intel Control-Flow Enforcement Technology:

It provides hardware-based protection against multiple attacks. This consists of protection from memory safety-based attacks.

  • Intel Total Memory Encryption:

It helps encrypt all types of data at the silicon level. This allows you to protect data in memory from cold boot attacks. Intel’s total memory encryption technology helps in mitigating spicing attacks.

  • What Innovations and Advancements Does Intel Foresee for the Future of Vpro Technology?

Intel envisions a future for vPro technology that focuses on continued innovation and adaptation to emerging trends. 

Basic future plans are:

  • Enhanced security features.
  • Improved integration with cutting-edge technologies.
  • A commitment to addressing the evolving needs of enterprise computing.

Stay tuned for updates as Intel works to keep vPro at the forefront of the rapidly changing tech landscape.

  • Enhanced Security Features: 

Expect advancements in security protocols and measures to strengthen vPro’s resilience against evolving cyber threats. This may include improvements in hardware-based security features, encryption technologies, and threat detection capabilities.

  • Integration with Cutting-Edge Technologies: 

Intel aims to ensure that vPro seamlessly integrates with emerging technologies. This might involve compatibility with advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other cutting-edge computing paradigms, providing organizations with a future-proof solution.


Undoubtedly, Intel vPro processors offer a range of benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises. Most organizations can handle heavy IT workloads using the processors in their in-built systems.

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